Communications Technology

The purpose of this program is to provide students with a foundation of knowledge and technically oriented experience in the study of communications technology. This program focuses on transferable skills and stresses understanding and demonstration of the technological tools, machines, instruments, materials, processes, and systems in business and industry.

Program Program 8601000


8601010 Communications Technology I

8601020 Communications Technology II

8601030 Communications Technology III

Laboratory Activities: Instruction and learning activities are provided in a laboratory setting using hands-on experiences with screen-process printing, process photography, platemaking, lithographic offset-press printing, and computer-generated graphic design. These activities may include the production of notepads, t-shirts, posters, CD cover designs, magazine covers,  business card, and stationery sets.

This will provide students the opportunity to apply basic skills in communications, mathematics, science, and design/problem-solving processes. They will also be able to demonstrate employability skills and make an informed and meaningful career choice.

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