A Graphic Design Problem

Aerospace Technology Research and Development of a Metric Glider

B&W Photography - Making Prints

B&W Photography - Processing Roll Film

Composition Cameras and Film

Computer Literacy - Creating A Document

Designing a Metric Race Car Using AutoSketch

Drafting an Introduction

Drafting and Design Midget Glider

Drafting Architectural Design

Employability Skills Preparing A Resume

Graphic Design Ad Preparation

Graphic Design - Creating a Logo

Graphic Design Record Album Cover

Graphic Arts Safety - Creating a Safety Illustration

Layout and Paste Up a Business Stationary Set

Manufacturing  Porthole Shelf

Manufacturing Technology -  The Stone Painted Lamp

Manufacturing Technology  - Reading Working Drawings

Manufacturing Technology - Folding Camp Stool

Materials & Processes Classic Clocks

Materials & Processes Speaker Cabinet

Materials & Processes Shark Wall Plaque

Mechanical Color Separation for Reproduction

Multicolor Offset A Greeting Card

Multicolor Screen Process Printing - Mirrors

Offset Printing - Notepad Production

Plastic Technology Acrylic Cheese Board

Research Technology Process Display

Research & Design Metric 500 Dragster

Screen Process Printing - Hand Cut Film Bumper Stickers

Screen Process Printing  - Hand Cut Film Single Color Pennant

Screen Process Printing  - Photographic Method

Structural Engineering - Building Bridge

Studio Photography

Technology Challenge Mousetrap Vehicle

Video Production - Producing a Video Commercial


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