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  CTE Textbook Features

The following instructional strategies and resources have been developed to support Career and Technical Education (CTE) instruction for increased student comprehension when reading CTE content.

CTE software and equipment operational manuals are usually written on a higher level than academic high school textbooks. Many of the CTE textbooks were written for adult education, therefore high school CTE students can be discouraged when reading the text, if they are not given enough guidance or help.

Don’t assume that students will automatically understand how to read the “text features” or typography format clues given in the CTE textbook, such as bold or italicized words, subheads, etc. Review the format of the book with each reading session, OR do a short informal quiz to find out what they remember about the textbook layout and how to find information.

CTE Textbook Lesson

CTE Textbook Worksheets

Sample Text Features With Pictures

Students Confused by Textbook

Text Features Powerpoint

Why Some Students...?


CTE Literacy Plan

The Division of Career Technical Education (CTE) has set the following goals as suggestions for implementing reading and writing strategies within the CTE content:

  • Students will read and comprehend informational text found in instructional materials, textbooks, industry magazines, online curriculum and/or technical manuals daily, and demonstrate understanding in a writing opportunity.
  • Students will build a portfolio of quality workplace or technical documents within their CTE content area. (ex: weekly student-produced business letters, customer service reports, building instructions, job change orders, grant advertising scripts, web page content, resumes, career summaries, project solutions, etc.)
  • Students will participate in a vocabulary study daily, including word wall activities, relating to school vocabulary, CTE content and/or industry certification skills.
  • Students will be given the opportunity to take advantage of learning opportunities within FCAT Explorer, Achieve 3000, Reading Plus, Ready to Work, Discovery Education, etc. as appropriate to the context of CTE subject matter, or the study of careers.


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CTE Support for ETO Schools Contact:

Dr. Rose L. Martin, CTE District Director

Pamela Lopez, Curriculum Specialist


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